Ramblings of a Wordaholic.

Oh goodness, I am such a sucker for these Christian buzzwords. Perspective, surrender, Kingdom-minded – you name it! As an avid lover of language and linguistics, I absolutely love these catchy phrases that we use in our sermons and Bible studies. But, what if I became as concerned with the application of these words as I am with the way that these words sound as they roll off my tongue?

So often, I feel like I’m back in third grade during a vocabulary lesson. I can pronounce the words, spell them with ease, and recite their definitions on command. However, I struggle to create my own sentence; I know how to do everything with these words except apply them. I have all the head knowledge, but I lack the ability to make these words my own. This raises the question, “Do I truly understand the word?”

In this season of my life, I find myself continually asking, “Do I truly understand the Word?” I can tell you all about God’s love, salvation, discipleship, and mercy; but does that even matter if they are not on display in my life? Have I become like the Pharisees: on paper, I have the knowledge necessary to guide and lead others in this Christian life, but what about my day-to-day life? Do I know how to apply God’s mercy to others, or do I simply know how to explain this concept?

Do I truly understand the Word?

Do you?


Stumbling in the woods, I clamored about – seeking that which I had misplaced. The light was burning dim as the shadows danced menacingly, taunting me in my drunken state. Silence enveloped my ears; my screams were unheard.

I was lost.

I tried to turn around, but the roots of the devilish trees caused me to stumble; the forces of darkness had overcome my flesh, and I was being drawn deeper and deeper into the forest.

That’s when I saw Him.

His golden form was in sharp contrast to the ugly fog surrounding us, and I was petrified. What was this magnificent being among me? He did not belong there; that place of despair could not have been His dwelling. He stepped towards me and lowered His head. I thought He was preparing to claim me as His prey, but He was merely reaching down to touch my hand; He was so gentle, yet incredibly strong.

He raised Himself up and began to pave a new path out of the woods. He looked back at me…

I was given a choice.

So, I took a step.